5 Benefits of Using a Chauffeur Driven Airport Transfer Service

Whether you run a hotel, resort, or another business, there are a number of benefits to hiring chauffeur-driven airport transfer services. We’ll outline the benefits of using a professionally driven airport transfer service regardless of which business you are in and the people who are being picked up.

Setting The Throne

Studies have found that making someone uncomfortable before an interview will cause them to have a less positive impression of the person they are interviewing. Little things like giving them a glass of cold water to hold followed by an interview led to the person interviewed being given lower marks. A client who arrives in town and gets picked up by a waiting limo feels that you value them and their business. You’re giving them a good feeling that will carry through the rest of your interaction. Avoiding the hassle of waiting for a taxi in the rain or trudging to the rental car lot will prevent the person from having a worse mood that drags on the whole affair. By picking up your hotel guests or potential business partners via chauffeur driven airport transfer services, you’re ensuring the most positive experience possible for all involved.

On the flipside, the people who bring in via a premium shuttle service will be seen as high status by those who observe their arrival. If you want to set the right tone with a newly hired executive or consultant, you can’t afford to let them arrive in a taxi, or private driver called via a rideshare app. A professionally driven airport transfer service hired by your company can improve your public image with anyone who sees it, as well.


Picking someone up in a chauffeur-driven vehicle offers an extra layer of security. You know your resort’s guests won’t be robbed on their way there by an unscrupulous driver. They will feel safe and secure after seeing a premium and personalized chauffeur-driven service picking them up. When they know that there is a chauffeur waiting for them, they will know where to go to find their ride and always get in the right one. There’s no need to fear they’ll fail to give the right instructions to a driver and end up late to your meeting. Nor do you have to worry about someone from out of town getting lost in construction-season traffic or getting stranded because of bad weather.

For those left exhausted by an overnight flight or long day of travel, letting someone else take the wheel and take them to their destination allows them to rest or even sleep in the vehicle without putting anyone else’s safety at risk.
There are other benefits, too. A company laptop or briefcase left in the vehicle will almost certainly be returned to you. Compare this to the odds that the same items left on a bus will be given to a reporter or thrown in the trash.


When someone is picked up in a chauffeur driven vehicle, they expect assistance loading and unloading their belongings. They will have no issue being helped in and out of the vehicle itself. This is a discrete and polite way of providing assistance to those with disabilities. Whether you’re hiring a limo or other high-end car, they pull into the airport and park in open areas that are easy to reach. There’s no need to maneuver a walker, wheelchair or luggage rack through lanes of traffic to get in the vehicle. Those dealing with partners and children will appreciate the straight path to their ride and the assistance they receive loading the car.


Providing clients, employees or customers a ride in a chauffeur driven vehicle could improve the productivity of everyone involved. Employees riding in a car someone else is driving have time to discuss business in a semi-private space before their next meeting. Alternatively, the lead salesperson could ride in the vehicle to meet your customer at the airport and discuss their needs in an intimate setting on the way to the person’s hotel or your joint meeting. Clients and customers who are given a ride in a professionally driven vehicle can check email and take care of personal matters before the meeting, helping everyone stay on schedule.


Hiring a professional airport transfer service to pick up your clients, customers and employees is an investment in their health, safety, productivity and engagement with your organization.